(6\23\12) Picking crab apples off the tree at the river so Bronson could throw them in the water, that's what he loves to do. Yep he broke is arm, he fell off the low brick wall at Pop's house.

He wanted to go with us while we pulled Abby and Tabor on the intertube, they did not want to get off they love it. Tabor is not a touchy feely kind of person so it was killing her that Abby had her head on her shoulder, funny.
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(6\22\12) Friday night violin, I am so proud of Abby for practicing during the week, she does not love it but she is pretty good at it so I will continue to push her, I know one day she will thank me. It's funny though once she gets a song she wants to play it over and over, and if she messes up she will play it until she gets it right.
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(6\20\12) This week was VBS at RiverRoad, GranJan and Grammy both helped and Abby went every night but Friday, they had Concord Highland Baptist Church join them this year since there church has not been rebuild yet.
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Point Mallard.

(6\18\12) We went with the church to Point Mallard today and had so much fun. Abby did not understand why she had to wear her life jacket in the pool since she can swim pretty good, but then they turned the wave pool on and she never said another word.

We had to take a break to have a picnic.

Abby and I rode this slide a few times, she liked it but everytime we were waiting in line I thought she was going to pee all over herself.

Then we went to the big slides. She really did not want to but I kind of made her and of course she loved it after she and I went a few times she was going all by herself and did not want to leave.

And it was alot of work to get that huge intertube up that hill, but she came down will a big smile on her face.

The whole group.

The sun and water will zap you.
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Father's Day.

(6\17\12) Happy Father's Day to 3 great men! After church Jason opened his gifts and then

we went to see GrandBob.

Then we headed down to the river and Abby always drives once we get on the long dirt road, we had the windows down and had  the song Pontoon turned up loud.

Jason did the yearly height measurements of the girls.

Cousins on the pontoon.

Bronson loved to help Jason fish and Abby was very worried about him losing his hat on Uncle Jason's fast boat on the way back.

Then we went back to GrandBobs to finish out the day in the pool.
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(6\16\12) Jason went to a rock crawling thing and Abby went to Rhett's birthday party next door and I had nothing to do! What?! I know I had nothing to do the house was clean and I just had nothing that needed to be done, that does not ever happen but it did. So I got me one of those large fruity drinks from Taco Bell and then came home and laid out...all by myself! After just a little while I could hear the party next door move outside and they had a water balloon fight, it wasn't long...

and I had company. It was really great while it lasted :)
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Not sure.

(6\14\12) I cannot remember why I took this picture but I know I made a special effort for some reason?????
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(6\11\12) Tabor, Abby and Ava.
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VBS week.

(6\4\12-6\10\12) This is a picture each day except for Wednesday because I had to work all day, all the other days I went to work after bible school was over and I took the girls to Pops.

An afternoon swim.

Abby got to hold the bible on Friday.

Some of the kindergardeners.

The program.

Abby started feeling puney afer the program, I thought it was because she couldn't play on the inflatables but that wasn't it, she was getting sick and threw up several times during the night, she hardly ever gets sick, and absoutley hates it, and is then scared to death she is going to throw up and walks around with her sand bucket up to her mouth.

Poor thing, her sweet kitten Sophie stayed right by her side.
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(6\3\12) We went to Breanna's birtdday party at the PG park, although Abby couldn't get in the creek with all her friends she had fun, and one little girl just stayed right by her side. Sweet.

It started to storm hard just as her party was ending and then we came back to the church so I could set up my room. I will have the kindergarten class, you know Abby's class except Abby wants to be with the first graders since her friends will be in there and her cousins are coming with her.
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Busy day.

(6\2\12) Lanie spent the night last night, Abby loves that more than anything because she adores Lanie. I had to be silly and act like the poporitzie to get her to smile but I had to take a picture cause that's just what I do.

After Jason took them to his moms for a little while he met me at the church and we continued to help with the VBS decorations.

Then we had to hurry and buy a gift and then go to Helena for Haley's birthday party. After yesterdays check up the doctor said she can take her brace off to swim just no jumping.

Not sure how we ended up with Tabor but we did and we had to go to the horse show.
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Gulf Shores.

(5\27\12-5\29\12) We were a day late getting down here because we had a dance recital the night before but we are hear now!!!!

I knew it was going to be bad but what do ya do? We made the best of it and Abby was a pretty good trooper, Maggie thought it was fun.

GrandBob and Grammy.

So we could be getting a little restless, Calli was so sweet to Abby and Jason took her for plenty of walks down to the water and even down the beach a little ways.

My family.

We finally gave in to the peer pressure and took her boot of and let her get in the pool, he held her legs together and we didn't do it for long but she was glad to get wet.

Later after family pictures on the beach in our aqua blues we went out to diner to celebrate Jabbo's 30th birthday.

The next day we played some more.

These 4 had so much fun.

We went out to eat again, of course.

Then off to play put put, a Tanner tradition.

Hitting the ball inside the volcano.

The next day on the way home GrandBob bought Abby and Maggie, a hermit crab. I could not believe she wanted one, but all these little 8 and 9 year old girls were telling us how they have 2 or 3 and they were holding them letting them crawl in their hands. I couldn't believe it, tried to talk her out of it, but you can see we left with Shelly the hermit crab.

And our final stop at Lulu's.

I'd say she's wore out.
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